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Niklas Schrimpf

I keep the often-invoked unity of body and mind in mind through my different qualifications. It is only possible to respond to my patients’ individual requirements and needs precisely through this variety of methods. It is particularly important to me to not only address my patients with knowledge and methodology, but to also join them with compassion in their healing process.


German College of Osteopathic Medicine (GCOM) - Schlangenbad
2008 to 2013

In the five-year full-time course to become an osteopath, I acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the human body. This knowledge has been applied in practice over the course of countless manual tests and techniques.

I successfully passed the healer exam in 2012.

Transformational Breath Facilitator at Dr. Judith Kravitz - USA
2010 to 2013

I studied this very intensive form of breathing therapy with the founder, Dr. Judith Kravitz. Traumas that can not be dealt with through mere conversation can be uncovered through this method.

Institute for Kinesiological Learning Aid (IKL) - Damme
2007 to 2008

During my training as an associate kinesiologist, I learned many effective techniques for psychological integration. I combined this powerful methodology with meditation experience and Buddhist philosophy, arriving at an effective synthesis.


· Osteopathy
· Accompanying Kinesiologist
· Transformational Breath Facilitator (Atemtherapie)
· Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Coach
· Licensed alternative practitioner
· Languages


· German
· English
· Spanish (Basic knowledge)

Work experience

Establishment of the "Integrative Osteopathy" practice - Wiesbaden
2014 to present

With the long-planned step of founding my own practice, I was able to offer my skills all in one package. The focus here is on osteopathy; it is supplemented by other methods.

Freelance worker in the "Center for Osteopathy" - Mainz
2014 to 2015

I built up a second mainstay in the Mainz catchment area within the renowned CFO.

Freelance worker in the "Asklepios Health Center" - Wiesbaden
2013 to 2014

At the AGZ I gained my first work experience in a stimulating environment and developed my own treatment style.

Work as an associate kinesiologist - Wiesbaden
2012 until today

I was already giving lectures on kinesiology while a student, and gave treatments using this method. The focus here is on exploring and working through emotional patterns. Vicious cycles of why-is-this-happening-to-me-again can be broken, thus improving the quality of life.

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