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Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain?

With the right methods, you can experience instant relief of body and mind.
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Niklas Schrimpf -
Find and treat the root cause of the pain instead of just numbing the symptoms.

Osteopathy: back and joint complaints are treated through the use of skilled hands rather than injections.

The sick and aching body quickly becomes a cage. In worrying that the next movement could further worsen it, our spontaneity is inhibited. Restrictions are manifold, affecting actions ranging from simply sitting in the office to taking part in your beloved hobby.

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Helping our newborns to arrive in this new world with ease

Pediatric osteopathy: Every beginning is difficult!

If only your baby could tell you what;s wrong! It is hard to imagine how our newborn feels in their new surrounding. The new world is bright and loud – a total sensory overload. Many babies react to all of this with increased crying, sleep disorders, and feeding problems. If your baby just can’t be comforted at night, your parental delight over the newcomer will quickly be put to its first great test. Sleep deprivation and helplessness eventually snowball into exhausted despair.

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Bodybased work with emotions

In Kinesiology learning to use life’s stumbling blocks as stepping stones.

The integration of our emotional pain allows us to feel deeper without loosing our balance – experiencing life at its fullest.

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Movement is life
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In the time of COVID-19, with the high degree of uncertainty and working from home, it is particularly important to be at your service.


All therapists are trice vaccinated and tested. We disinfect the surface after each treatment.


Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands in the entrance area. If you feel sick especially with symptoms of a cold or fever, please stay at home.



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